Expert Brake Service

Putting Your Safety First

Of all of the systems in your vehicle, your brakes are one of the most important. If you suspect that you may have a brake issue, don’t leave it to chance. Our ASE-certified technicians will assess your car and provide a detailed recommendation to keep your brakes up to par. Often, simple brake maintenance can address a problem and protect your existing brakes, well before a problem escalates.

Signs that You May Need Brake Repair

Brake issues often make themselves known in subtle and not-so subtle ways. Be aware of these signs, and seek the insight of a professional to

  • Shaking through-out car and steering wheel when brake is applied
  • Squeaking or screeching
  • Grinding or grating noises
  • Decreased responsiveness
  • Warning lights or alerts
  • Brakes that push down too far to the floor

The Full Suite of Brake Repair and Maintenance Services

We will assess your brake system from top to bottom and identify whether maintenance or replacement is required. Whatever your brake service needs, we promise fast, fair quotes and vetted service from brake-repair professionals.

  • Anti-lock brake systems (ABS) repaired
  • Brake fluid checks and flushes
  • New brake shoes and pads
  • Disc and drum brake repair
  • Related brake service, as needed

Make safety a priority. Contact Us for a free brake-repair estimate.